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Erwin: After a heated, month long discussion between the student council members, we decided on Adventure Time, gender-swapped edition.
Erwin: … which was Levi’s idea.
Erwin: … that he suggested during the first meeting the topic came up.
Levi: This holiday is the worst, I swear to God.

Tumblr was being difficult about gifs, so here’s a larger version in case the text’s hard to see:

Wasn’t sure which modern AU you meant since they’re all technically modern, haha. I had some other ideas for the other AUs, so there may be a few recap posts about how those Erwin and Levis spent Halloween!))

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Anonymous asked: Yo, what's the mun blog?


((Ekaitz & Origamically!

Apologies for the lack of updates. Classes started up again, flailing over a few other projects, illnesses, sidetracked by some butt (my fault, lol), arranging a move, and finally moving to a new place this weekend.
Aiming to start answering asks again next weekend provided nothing else goes wrong, my god..

Also, there’s a credits section linked in the sidebar for future reference!))

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Levi: Uncovered another stack of paperwork while cleaning this sty, Erwin.
Erwin: How tall is it?
Levi: Taller than me, shorter than you.
Erwin: Ugh…

((Whoa, thank you! Tutorials of what though!? If it’s something general like how-do-you-draw, there’s this thing I posted on my main. I didn’t mean for it to be a tutorial, but some have been tagging it as such, ahaha (;´д⊂) ))

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Levi: … For future reference, all posts containing animated gifs are tagged with #gif. Y’know, just in case tumblr decides to be a shit and not display them right.

((But oh my god, anon, how did any of these posts make any sense if you only saw the first frames of each gif, ahahaha /weeps))

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